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Information Security Governance

Framework and Toolset for CISOs and Decision Makers (summary of the book)

Information Security Governance Framework

Presentation given at ISACA EuroCACS 2018 in Edimbourg

Impact of data privacy regulations on information security

What is the impact of data privacy and protection regulations (e.g. GDPR) on security? Presentation given at TRUSTe Risk Summit 2017.

Security management tools

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GDPR self-assessment

The questionnaire and the self-assessment tool make it possible to quickly identify the main shortcomings in terms of compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR

General Information Security Maturity Model

The General Maturity Model for Information Security allows each company to quickly position itself in relation to best practices in the field

Security Governance Maturity Model

Specific to information security governance practices, this model of maturity makes it possible to position itself in the world of best practices in this field.